Core Values

  1. We value salvation by grace through faith in Jesus as Lord, which is the Gospel.
  2. We value God’s freedom to do whatever pleases Him (see Psalm 115:3)
  3. We value the ministry of the Holy Spirit in leading, assisting and maturing us in our walk with God. We seek God through Spirit-led study and meditation on the scriptures, fervent prayer and fasting.
  4. We value our call to imitate Jesus by serving the underserved, helping the hurting and strengthening the weak.
  5. We value the experience of worship – having freedom to be creative, expressive and celebrative, we bring our gifts of praise, service, tithes and offerings to God.
  6. We value community with God’s people. We are called to faithfulness in our relationships – supporting and encouraging each other, accepting one another recognizing there are no second-class Christians.
  7. We value unity in diversity, appreciating our differing gifts, we embrace our family in Christ – crossing denominational, racial, political and socio-economic boundaries.