Worship in Music

Praise Team

Stones River currently has three praise teams consisting of eight singers.  There are two vocalists on each voice part.  We are moving into a season of Spirit led worship that is very exciting. The purpose of the praise team is to skillfully lead our congregation to the throne room. Interested in joining us on the praise team?


Non-auditioned for special occasions – Christmas, Easter etc.

Instrumental team:

Our instrumental team is acoustic. We are looking for singers, guitar and bass, cajon (percussion), and piano, other (violin, mandolin, flute etc). Auditioned


Working with audio and video is a very important part of the ministry.  We require 2 people in the sound booth for each service – one for sound and one for running the visual- ie. Powerpoints etc.

  • For audio, we ask that you just have the heart and the ear to hear when something needs to be tweaked.  It is not hard to teach you the other part of running the PreSonus sound board.  We will train you.
  • Visual – is very easy.  We will train you. All the PowerPoints are already entered. You just need to advance slides.


If you are interested in being a part of this uplifting ministry, please contact Diane Austin by email or call her at 615-337-1273.  You can also fill out this form if you would like to be a part of the Worship Ministry.

Team Resources: