Interested in joining a praise team

1.   Your obligation is to lead worship on the days you are scheduled. The schedule is prepared for at least three  months in advance.  Sometimes you will be asked to fill in for someone who is out.

2.    Practice time is Sunday morning at 8:15 before the service. This includes singers and tech team. Please try  your best to be prompt.  There are several additional practice times scheduled throughout with all teams.  This is important because it is a time to learn new material.

3.    You do not need to have perfect reading skills. Music is online and sent to you in advance so you can practice at home.

4.    We reserve our spots on the praise teams for those who have a gift in the area of singing and leading.  We believe strongly that God has given EVERYONE an area in which they are gifted.  Please search your heart and talk to God about this and plug into a place where you can best serve.  If you are interested in joining our team you will be asked to sing for our worship leader acapella. You may sing anything of your choice from the hymnal or contemporary Christian genre. Prayerful consideration will be given.

5. We will do a Christmas Program each year.  You will always be needed for this if there is any way possible. Of course, it is a busy time with travel, and it is understood that family takes precedence!