GROW Children’s Ministry

About GROW

GROW is what we call the children’s ministry of Stones River Church of Christ. Our mission is to GROW our Children, GROW our Families and GROW our Church family closer in relationship with God.

Our purpose is to come along side of what is already being done in our families. We learn more about the Bible and what God has in store for each one of us! This is done through weekly Bible classes that meet during the sermon part of our services. We also have different special times to encourage the families and children to become closer to each other, as a community of God.

Our classes are designed so that every class is learning the same Bible lesson each week.  We will also go through the entire Bible every 3 years.  Check out our Facebook group for ways to engage the lessons each week with your children.


  • Nursery
    • Ages: For mothers and infants
  • 9 mo – 2 year olds
    • Ages: 9 months through 2 years
    • Teacher: Larissa McPeters
  • Preschool
    • Ages: 2 1/2 – 5 years
    • Teachers: Janet Wallar, Bethany Burns, and Ana McKinzie
  • Lower Elementary
    • Ages: 5-9 years (K – 3rd grade)
    • Teachers: Jared Wilson, Salena Wenneborg, and Ethan Steidinger
  • Upper Elementary
    • Ages: 10-12 years (4th – 6th grade)
    • Teachers: Brian & Jen McCrery

Teacher Section

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the GROW class last?

Grow classes last from the dismissal after contribution to the end of the sermon. Usually this kept to 40 minutes. Please pick your child up promptly at the end of service, and sign your child in and out of class every Sunday.

What activities happen with GROW at Stones River Church?

Grow Classes every Sunday, Monthly Family Fun get-togethers, movie nights, Christmas Grow, Easter Grow,  Summer Fun Fridays.

Snacks: What if my child has a food allergy?

We serve small snacks during our Grow classes that tie into the lesson in some way. We try to not serve snacks with peanuts or tree nuts. Please let your child’s teacher or Bonnie know of any allergy or health concern.

Where do the lessons come from?

We use Group’s FaithWeaver NOW Curriculum.  FaithWeaver NOW is a quarterly, age-graded curriculum for 3 year olds — high school. The three-year scope & sequence covers the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Each quarter goes through 13 sequential Bible events so families get a snapshot of the Bible timeline.

When do the classes rotate?

Children will be moved up to the next age group class at the end of Summer Quarter. (September)

What is the age limit?

Children are encouraged to come to Grow classes through the 6th grade. When they are in 6th grade, they are welcomed to join the Youth Group. See Seth Randall for details.